New Insights

The top of all workouts in Liftium 3.0 contains a summary view which displays a breakdown of your muscles worked by volume. Liftium 3.0 also supports both primary and secondary muscles as well as the ability to record the duration of your workout. Many features have been rewritten from the ground up.


In 3.0 you can now create and manage routines in their own right. The all new routines tab makes all your routines accessible and editable at any time. Pre-planning workouts is now way more intuitive.

Track Your Gains

The all new customizable graphs view provides a quick glance at your progress. Track your max for any lift, workout volume, and workout duration. Only show the graphs that you find useful and keep the experience simple.

HealthKit Sync & Duration

Optionally run a timer with your workout and see how long you've been in the gym while your recording your sets. When you're finished Liftium will sync your workout data with HealthKit.

Great for

Strength Training
Body Building
Pyramid Training
Tracking your Max

More Features

Create Your Own Exercises
Set Primary / Secondary Muscles
Track volume by muscle or workout
Track workout intensity
Calendar view

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