Excellent workout companion

I've been using this app everyday to track my lifting progress. Very simple and intuitive with a slick interface.

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Simply Amazing And Elegant! A++

Liftium is clean, simple, elegant, no mess, no clutter, and straight froward. This app truly does what is supposed to! Liftium is so easy to use to unlike many other apps that have so many options, clutter, and just way to many sub menus. This apps is truly straight froward this app will want to make you workout again!

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WOW! Fastest lift logging

I hate taking time out to log my lifts, so I've been looking for something fast for ages. Not only is Liftium ridiculously fast, but the design is gorgeous and optimized for iOS 7. Frequent updates from a great developer too! Don't hesitate... Get it NOW!

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Clean. Simple. Easy.

Clean and simple. Just the way I like my apps. Only suggestions would be to add the option of changing up workout titles manually or even saving workouts.

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Love it

A great app. I use it with the Body Beast program instead of having to print off all those sheets or use cumbersome Excel files. I love quickly seeing what weights I used last week. The app comes with tons of exercises already programmed in, and I like that I can add new ones easily. The only thing I wish I could do is save a group of exercises as a "workout" and then update my weights/reps faster. Also would be helpful to have the ability to group exercises in super/giant sets instead of having to jump back and forth between exercise screens for each set. Overall though, I'm really pleased.

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Love this app

This app is amazing, and the new update is great. It's simple to keep track of my lifts and doesn't have anything extra to clutter it. I love it.

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Good app

Simple app to use. Helps me manage my workouts and watch my progression. One glitch when entering reps and weight after using the note tool. Would like to see some sort of tables or graphs to see my progression.

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Easy to use and well arranged

Entering exercises as well as creating new ones is easy and quick. The history display is well done also. The rest timer is flakey if the phone locks or you switch to another app however.

- App Store

Best Workout App

This is an amazing app, and it's a shame it's not heard of. The only thing I wish it had was HealthKit implementation l.

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Simple and great!

Simple interface (have been looking along time). No fancy outputs (you can get a data extract in CSV though), but the interface is so easy to use that it's A-OK. Some charts progress would be great, but are not a dealbreaker. I will use this over some of the apps I paid for.

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Fastest cleanest logger. Bug fixed.

The recent update that caused a crash when adding a custom exercise is fixed in this latest update, thanks to the responsive developer. Definitely the fastest logger I've tried out of many other similar apps. Select day, choose workout or add your own, add weight and reps. Very simple and clean without getting lost in pages of options just to keep track of your workouts. Calendar view gives you a quick overview of major muscle groups worked out on each day. Recents lets you quickly find your most used exercises without having to search through them all each time. Adding a new workout for the day automatically brings up history of previous recordings for comparison. Save your routine for use another day. And ability to export data is a great feature to have. All very intuitive and easy to use with a great user interface. Definitely recommended!

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Perfect Overview Calendar

Great fitness tracker for weight lifting. Full calendar view of all my workouts, with abbreviated names is great for a quick overview! The function within the app could use a little tweaking to make some details more seamless and easy—But overall this was my top choice for a straight forward weight lifting tracking app.

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Great for

Strength Training
Body Building
Pyramid Training
Tracking your Max

More Features

Create Your Own Exercises
Set Primary / Secondary Muscles
Track volume by muscle or workout
Track workout intensity
Calendar view

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